MC12 circuit simulation

New Spicelab Toolboxes

At the end of 2023 the toolboxes (nonlinear Loadflow and Transient Analysis of high power networks) are now translated from ltspice to microcap 12. Many examples are translated too but a huge amount of the examples remains (at this time) only for ltspice but can easyly be translated to microcap. The latest microcap 12 simulator is included in this download package since their website is down now. Many thanks to the creators of the simulator to give such a excellent piece of software to the public community. I've also started to translate the SPICELAB package from Prof. Heinemann and Prof. Justus to microcap 12. It contains models and examples for Control (P, I, PI, PID, DC-converter, rectifieres and inverters), Power (Diac,Triac,Thyristor) and electrical machines (transformers, synchronous machines, asynchronous machines, DC-machines) The voltage level of the models is about 400V. At now the spice macro code is fully translated and many but not all examples are translated. Again like with the four high voltage ltspice and microcap toolboxes the SPICELAB toolboxes comes with no warrenty and are dedicated for didactice use. Especially i want to thank Prof. Heinemann and Prof. Justus who allowed me to translate their SPICELAB toolboxes.

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