Info about The LTSpice Toolboxes

The Ltspice toolboxes includes all important elements for doing transients circuit simulation like:
Voltage sources, synchronous generators with saturation, nonlinear transformers with hysteresis, initial residual flux and with phase regulation, inductive coils for earth fault compensation, shunt reactors, loads,  overhead lines and cables, coupled lines, starpoint builder transformer, surge arresters and many others …. 


By Friedrich Schmidt

Hello to all interesting in the transient and steady state simulation of high energy networks
I’ve developed in the past 15 years many macromodels (two toolboxes) for the LTSpice simulator
I think that i was one of the first who adapt a spice simulator for doing nonlinear loadflow computation
My two toolboxes are for didactic use and dedicated especially to all studying electrical engineering
The sources of the Toolboxes are free and comes with hundreds of examples
LTSpice is a simulator from Analog Devices which you can download also for free use
Since i was for more than 35 years load dispatcher in the Viennese power distribution board
I could collect some experience which i put into the development of the two toolboxes.
I hope that you will (like me) enjoy simulating high energy networks which is sometimes
Good luck!

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